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Liz LivelyPRESIDENT: Liz Lively

The President presides at all meetings of the general membership and also the Board. She directs, supervises and has control over the business and affairs of the Club and its officers. She helps the Board determine yearly direction and goals for the Club. She develops the agenda for each Board meeting



The Vice President presides at meetings in the absence of the President. She assists the President in anyway asked and often oversees projects and/or fills in for specific committee needs. She attends monthly Board meetings.


Terri SundermannTREASURER: Terri Sundermann

The Treasurer receives all monies due to the Club and disburses monies by order of the Board. She keeps accurate accounts and records of financial transactions. She attends monthly Board meetings and submits a monthly report.


Grace GehretSECRETARY: Grace Gehret

The Secretary makes up a Board roster with email addresses and phone numbers for use by the Board at the beginning of the Club year. She keeps accurate records of all business transacted at general meetings and Board meetings. She provides all Board members with minutes of monthly meetings by email or with a paper copy. She submits a summary of the general meetings to the Newsletter Chairperson. She carries out correspondence as requested by the President. She sends ‘get well’ and ‘thinking of you’ or ‘thank you' cards to the general membership as needed.

ADVISOR: The Advisor assists the President and Board to keep within the by-laws of the Club and to understand Club history with respect to goals, activities, etc. She provides direction and clarification. The advisor is usually a past president or someone who has been very involved in Club activities for several years. She attends monthly Board meetings.

Terri Sundermann



The Membership Chair provides the newsletter chairperson with a current membership application to be included in the summer newsletter. She collects the application forms and checks, forwarding the checks to the Treasurer. She compiles the annual Membership Directory, prints and distributes it usually at the October meeting. She provides the names and addresses of all members joining after the Directory printing via email. She answers questions about the Club via email or phone. She provides nametags at each general meeting and greets members at each general meeting.

Ethel ParringtonCHAIR: Ethel Parrington



The Program Chair is responsible for the planning and executing of the monthly programs. She presents a roster of programs before the September kick off meeting that can be published in the Membership Roster and the Newsletter. *coordinates monthly programs with the Country Club at Castle Pines or other location of the meeting *Collects RSVP”S and checks for programs and excursions *Works closely with the treasurer to stay within budget for programs *Plans the Spring luncheon often held at the Castle Pines Golf Club.

Betty Ziemann
CO-CHAIR: Betty Ziemann
Beverly CarrCO-CHAIR:Beverly Carr





The Program Chair of this committee provides the research and planning for our many and varied Field Trips.

Jomie HeftyeCHAIR: Jomie Heftye


This committee works to implement any community project taken on by the Club in regards to our objective to beautify and enhance the community and educate about Colorado horticulture.

​Serenity Garden Sub-Committee:Schedules the workdays and maintenance of the garden.

Sue Navaro
Sue Navaro.


Tweet Kimball Memorial Garden Sub-Committee: Schedules the workdays and maintenance of the garden.

Cynthia Rohan  CHAIR:Cynthia Rohan

Marcia WiedelmannCLUB MASTER GARDENER: Marcia Wiedelman  

Our club has several members who have acquired the qualification of Colorado Master Gardener. We keep a list of these knowledgeable people in our Member Information section of the website.  They are happy to take email questions from members.
A Colorado Master Gardener is part of a national certification program, although she must apply and be accepted in the county where she lives. She has satisfactorily completed the CMG course and continued the learning experience by contributing a minimum of 36 hours of yearly volunteer service for the county.



The purpose of the Charity Outreach Committee is to coordinate, encourage and publicize the work of the Douglas County Task Force and the Crisis Center.  Both are local charities that the CPVGC supports through gift card and door prize tickets which are sold at our monthly meetings. 
The Giving Tree is a fundraiser organized by this committee, alternating each year between the Crisis Center and the D/E Task Force. It is showcased at our December luncheon.
The Committee also publicizes and coordinates attendance of Garden Club members at several events each year that are sponsored by these charities.
For more information on both these charities please go to the pages on our website below:
The Crisis Center  http://www.cpvgc.org/volunteer_wcc.php  The Douglas CountyTask Force http://www.cpvgc.org/volunteer_dcfb.php  
Ginny Forstmann
CHAIR: Ginny Forstmann



This committee is in charge of planning 3 events during the Club year:  September Opening Season Luncheon, December Holiday Brunch, and Summer Party for members (singles and couples).  This includes finding the location for the event; deciding on a theme and menu; purchasing needed items; planning, organizing, and implementing each event; hiring caterers when needed.  In addition the committee coordinates Wine In The Garden events showcasing members' gardens during the summer.

Darcey DeRoseCO-CHAIR: Darcey DeRose

Michele Volkl
CO-CHAIR: Michele Volkl




The Communications Chair is responsible for collecting articles and photos from Board members, compiling timely information and mounting the newsletter to the website; www.cpvgc.org . There are 4-5 newsletters each year. She also sends out mass emails with reminders of meetings to the membership.

Kim Watson
CHAIR: Kim Watson



The Historian takes photos of every event attended by Garden Club members. She compiles the photos with brief synopsis into an annual photo book as a record of our year. She provides photos by disc or jpeg to the newsletter chairperson for inclusion in the website newsletter.

Carol Kingslet CHAIR: Carol Kingsley